Santa and Rudolph have been! Night Before Christmas Rudolph Snowy Footprints Wooden Stencil


Rudloph seems to have left some snowy footprints behind whilst helping Santa deliver your childrens gifts! Lets make this Christmas the most magical of all!

Imagine their little faces on Christmas morning when they peek into the lounge and see Rudophs prints in the distance, or outside on the patio. The perfect way to keep the magic alive and build excitement.

The perfect addition to our new Santa's lost drivers license and our lost buttons and reindeer tags.

Simply place on floor and dust over with fake snow or even flour to leave Santa's trail around the house. Or why not try Coa Coa powder for muddy prints?

We also have a Santa's boot stencil available.

These are made out of 2mm MDF and can be used year after year!