Stand Alone Wedding Collage Glossy

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You spent months building up to your wedding. There were moments on that day that you'll never forget. Friends and family gathered around you and held you, kissed you and enjoyed your very special day.

Printed onto a sturdy board, which is comprised of PVC foam board and is incredibly rigid and sturdy. Available in 3mm and 5mm thick. A lovely alternative to a framed print.

Those moments were captured, celebrate them in this beautifully modern way and personalise your images with a meaningful quote from your day or your wedding venue and date.

A heartwarming reminder of your wedding day.

Looking to personalise? You can add a personalised square to your print with your own message using colours that will compliment your home.

Key Features

- Fits 30 images (please use our easy uploader to add your images)

- Each image measures 6cm.

- Delivered within 4 days - Express Next Day available.

- Actual Print size is 35cm x 100cm

- Beautifully hand made frames, made in the UK. Choose from Real Oak, White or Black

- Easy to upload images

- Delivered by courier.

- Intelligent packaging. Sturdy and safe.

- 30 day money back guarantee.

- A 'V' Groove luxury deep bevelled mount is included.

- Can be personalised.

 Our Premium Paper Stock

Our paper stock has been selected from hundreds on the market.

It has been chosen for its smoothness and for the perfect compatibility with our pigment inks. Our inks nestle onto this stock with a sheer finish and crisp lines.

It provides you with the deepest of blacks, brightest of colours and has a vast span of monochrome shades for flawless, life like images.

We are so proud to bring you the very best. Your photographs deserve uncompromising quality. This is what you'll get.